Namaste: Underwater Yoga

by  Grace Beehler | Nov 30, 2011
Underwater yoga
Underwater yoga / vsurkov/iStock

This takes focusing on your breathing to a whole new level. At the LaSource Resort and Spa in Grenada, first-time divers can overcome their fears of diving and practice meditation techniques and yoga positions, all while under water. This scuba-yoga program is taught by a group of professional divers called Aquanats, who lead Pranayama yoga poses. Pranayama yoga focuses on the science of breathing, which can help divers, swimmers, athletes, and magicians hold their breath for long periods underwater.

Even though this isn't exactly scuba yoga (and, for some reason, it was filmed upside down), underwater yoga can be an incredibly tranquil experience, as seen in this video.

While it might be difficult to image doing the downward facing dog underwater (while also decked out with fins, a scuba tank, mask, and gear), underwater yoga has been gaining popularity, with yoga diving classes in Dahab on the Red Sea Coast and the Bali Underwater Yoga Institute.

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