New Pope Announced: Places to Wear Red Slippers!

by  Amanda Black | Mar 13, 2013
New Pope's Slippers
New Pope's Slippers /

In honor of the new pope being announced, we thought, 'what could we write about?' Genius struck: places where it's appropriate to wear red slippers, a la Jorge Mario Bergoglio. So here they are!

1. Vatican City

But seriously, this probably isn't cool. Pope Bergoglio might find offense to this.

2. The couch

This seems like a no-brainer. Kick back anywhere you please and sport some fashionable red fuzzy ones.

3. Hawaii

Did you know that in Hawaii, they call flip flops 'slippers?' That's crazy – right?! What do they call slippers?

4. Oz

Who could forget Dorothy's famous glitzy heels? Of course she had to make this round-up!

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