New7Wonders of Nature Election Results In

by  Grace Beehler | Nov 14, 2011
Amazon River
Amazon River / gustavofrazao/iStock
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Though votes are still being counted and the results are provisional, the New7Wonders Foundation announced a new list of wonders on Friday. In alphabetical order, the winners are: the Amazon, Halong Bay, Iguazu Falls, Jeju Island, Komodo, Puerto Princesa Underground River, and Table Mountain (pictured). 440 locations were in the running, narrowed down to 28 prior to the final vote.

The poll has created a bit of a stir, however, when, following paying a registration fee of $199, the Maldives and Indonesia were asked for $500,000 and $57 million, respectively. The New7Wonders Foundation allegedly asked Indonesia for $10 million in licensing fees and $47 million to host the closing ceremony. The Maldives and the Indonesian government did not pony up the cash, but did remain in the running. The foundation has denied these claims.

Canadian-Swiss marketer Bernard Weber created this campaign in 2007 in an attempt to update the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Votes came flooding in from millions of people via phone, text, and social networking.

The losers? The Dead Sea (despite attempts to pull ahead in the polls), the Grand Canyon, the Great Barrier Reef, Lebanon's Jeita Grotto, Mount Vesuvius, and Bangladesh's Sundarbans. The voting validation process will be completed in early 2012 and celebrated with Official Inauguration events.

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