Occupy Wall Street Protests a Deterrent for NYC Tourists, Poll Finds

by  Liz Webber | Oct 31, 2011
New York City skyline
New York City skyline / Sean Pavone/iStock

The Occupy Wall Street movement may be hurting New York City’s image for visiting tourists. According to a recent poll, 42 percent of Americans would be “less inclined to visit” the Big Apple as a result of the ongoing protests. In comparison, 17 percent would be more likely to visit and 37 said the protests would have no impact on their travel plans; the remainder of respondents had no opinion.

The survey, conducted by independent polling company Poll Position, also broke out respondents’ answers by age and political affiliation, which produces some interesting – if not altogether surprising – differences from the national average. Forty percent of those ages 18-29 said they would be more inclined to visit New York City as a result of the Occupy Wall Street movement, while 56 percent of those aged 65 and over answered the opposite.

And you’re not likely to find many Tea Partiers coming to NYC in the near future. Over 60 percent of Republican respondents would be deterred from visiting as a result of the protests, while over 40 percent of both Democrats and Independents responded they would be more inclined to come.

The Occupy Wall Street movement set up camp in New York’s Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan on September 17, and have since staged protests at Times Square and other locations around the city. The movement has spawned similar demonstrations around the country, some of which have led to major clashed with police.

Readers: Would the Occupy movement affect your travel plans?

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