Old City, Modern Art in Poland

by  Raef Harrison | Feb 2, 2010
Poznan, Poland
Poznan, Poland / Xantana/iStock

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Fan of the ultra-mod? Want to be part of an art project? Want a complimentary iPhone during your stay?

Blow Up Hall 5050 in Poznan, one of Poland's oldest cities is calling your name. 

The concept behind Blow Up 5050 is that 50% of every project should be art, and this place takes that concept to heart. To check in, you don't pick a room you pick a card, which then corresponds with an aptly decorated room. You could tap into the animalistic in a zebra-striped suite, empty your mind in a sterile white room, or retain a bit of normality (boring?) in a more traditional space. 

So what's this about an iPhone?

You'll also be given an iPhone to use during your stay, both as a handy number for local calls and as your room key! The iPhone is programmed to open your door, turn on your TV, and also order your "breakfast experience" in the morning as part of the Blow Up 5050 Pleasure Package.

A word of warning: For the sake of the ultra interactive art experience, you will be filmed through out your stay (including while you sleep!) and the video is cut up and displayed in the hotel lobby. But don't worry, your modesty is guaranteed to be preserved.

Weird? Yes. But it's art!


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