Photo Tour of Dole, France: The Quintessential French Village

by  Nilina Mason-Campbell | Dec 18, 2015
Dole riverbank
Dole riverbank / Nilina Mason-Campbell

France is an eternally charming destination, with distinct culture found in all parts of the country, from urban metropolises and wine regions to snow-capped mountains and beaches. But if you'd like to steal away to an under-the-radar town with a taste of the country's culture and history, we suggest a quintessential French village like Dole. Here's what you'll find there:


Nilina Mason-Campbell

Located two hours away from Paris by train, Dole is a small town on the banks of the Doubs River near Dijon and the Swiss border. The waterway is a defining part of the town, snaking its way across and around Dole and inspiring picturesque bridges and canals throughout.



Nilina Mason-Campbell

Visitors can walk along the banks, cruise aboard a boat, and even dive into the waters alongside the locals.


Outdoor cafe / Nilina Mason-Campbell

The town's population hovers near 30,000. The cobblestone streets are lined with bakeries, cafes, and other small shops and galleries that are free to wander into.


Nilina Mason-Campbell

Its buildings date between the 15th and 18th century, with a few remnants from Roman times. A small stone bridge and an underground bathing channel are just two examples of the latter.


Quiet street / Nilina Mason-Campbell

Dole is highly walkable -- just about every attraction can be reached on foot. Smaller rural villages outside of town are reachable by car.


Garden view / Nilina Mason-Campbell


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