Psst! Did You Know These 4 Disneyland Secrets?

by  Zachary Laks | Updated on Oct 11, 2019
Disneyland / smckenzie/iStock

There’s more to Mickey Mouse than meets the eye. Believe it or not, Disneyland is a haven of secret lairs, wild felines, and a touch of magic at every corner. Here, four secrets (and a bonus) of Walt Disney's playground that will have you in the know.

1. Club 33 is the place to be, if you can swing it.
Disneyland is one of the most visited places in the world, but there's one place in the park that not many eyes have had the chance to see: Walt's personal dining club, Club 33, located in New Orleans Square. It was originally meant for the park's corporate sponsors and other industry VIPs, but the club also began offering individual memberships when it opened in 1967. The invite-only dining club has a long wait list, and membership is quite pricey (the initiation fee start at $25,000, plus  there's an additional $11,000 annual fee). The food isn't free here, either: expect to pay around $100 per guest for the prix fixe menu.

2. They've got cats.
Nope, your mind isn't playing tricks on you if you think you see a cat dashing across a walkway. Chances are you’ve spotted one of the park’s most beguiling secrets: Disney lets more than 200 cats run wild throughout the premises of its two parks and Downtown Disney to control the rodents of the area. While mostly seen at night, it’s fun to try and spot the cats throughout the park as they make themselves comfortable sleeping the day away in some unusual spots. Come feeding time, they've been found at the Hungry Bear Restaurant and the Grand Californian's White Water Snacks.

3. A little kindness goes a long way.
Cast members are Disney fanatics eager to let you in on their favorite attractions and places to eat in the parks. Better yet, if the circumstances warrant, they’re able to open doors and grant line-jumping access to some of the parks’ attractions. It’s important to note that this isn't an official policy and can vary depending on the cast member. 

4. There's a secret pet cemetery at the Haunted Mansion.
Okay, it's not a real gravesite, but unbeknownst to many guests, there's a second pet cemetery at one of the park's most beloved attractions. When you queue up for the Haunted Mansion, you'll see a pet cemetery out front, but there's another one located on the west side of the building that has four tombstones dedicated to a skunk, a frog, a cat, and a dog. 

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