Q&A: Actress (and Travel Nut) Shay Mitchell Chats About Africa and Her Next Big Trip

by  Hilary Sheinbaum | Oct 17, 2014
Packing / humonia/iStock

Shay Mitchell is one of those Pretty Little Liars. Well, at least that’s her day job.

When the actress and blogger isn’t working, she’s jetsetting. “I love traveling, and whenever I have a hiatus, that’s what I do,” says Shay. The Canadian-born traveler has explored Cambodia, Italy (she’s obsessed!), and Africa, among others. “You have to take that time and travel and see what is going on outside of where you live,” says Shay. “We live in a bit of a bubble and you need to pop it every once in a while.”

Read on for our exclusive chat.

Where is a place you haven’t traveled but want to visit?
Morocco. I want to buy pillows and a tea set. I want to pull out my camera and never stop shooting photos. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to go to, along with India.

Where did you visit during your last TV hiatus?
The last hiatus I went to Africa. It was an amazing experience. I went with Free The Children. I went to schools they have set up over there, seeing the amazing work they’ve done. They’ve taught everybody how to grow their own vegetables, have bank accounts, and everything. They're life-changers to a huge community of people.

Is there something you must do while vacationing?
Purchasing things from the countries I visit. I always like bringing something back. It’s special.

What are your essential carry-on items?
I'd have to say my contacts. Those are something I always have to have, because if they dry out or they fall out or something happens, I need to be able to see. So, always have an extra pair of contacts. I bring a little bag with me -- my emergency kit with coconut oil, which I use for my hair. I have Carmex Moisture Plus that I use and carry with me everywhere. There’s nothing worse than having chapped lips.

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