Quirky Accommodations in Germany Under $175

by  Aly Walansky | Aug 17, 2015
Jan Brockhaus
Jan Brockhaus

For the experimental traveler, Germany seems to have quirky accommodations covered, from a wine barrel in the Black Forrest to a pay-as-you-wish drainpipe just outside of Dusseldorf. And, even better, most are under $175 per night.

Sleep in a caravan.  At the  Hüttenpalast , in one of the hippest neighborhoods of Berlin,  you’ll stay in retro caravans or wooden huts -- all built out of a repurposed 1930s vacuum factory. From €39 ($43) per night, based on double occupancy.


Ferienhof Wild

Sleep in a wine barrel. For wine lovers, sleeping in a wine barrel within a vineyard is taking it to a new level. Experience this at Ferienhof Wild in the village of Sasbachwalden, located in the Black Forest. From €156 (around $173) per night, based on double occupancy.


Ruhr Tourismus

Sleep in a pipe. The pay-as-you-wish Dasparkhotel, constructed from repurposed, robust drainpipes, actually has a pretty comfortable and first-rate bedroom on the interior. The property, located in Western Germany about 45 minutes from Dusseldorf. 


Bremer Touristik Zentrale / Maurizio Gambarini

Sleep on a boat. At Alexander von Humboldt, moored in Bremen near Hamburg, you’ll sleep within the giant green sails you may know from German beer commercials. It’s living the sailor life, but with a lot more comfort. You’ll be wined, dined, and then lulled to sleep by the waves. Cabins start from €39 ($43) per night, based on double occupancy.


Waldseilgarten Hoellschlucht

Bonus: Sleep in a treehouse. For those who lack a fear of heights, check out Pfronten, which you will find in Southern Germany’s Bavarian Alps. You’ll get to spend the night in a port-a-ledge, hanging from a branch high up in a free standing tree, at the Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht. From €250 ($277) per person per night.

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