Quirky Ways to Celebrate Pi Day on 3/14

by  Blane Bachelor | Mar 11, 2013

So, you won’t get the day off from work or school, but National Pi Day is coming up on March 3.14, in honor of the world’s most famous irrational number (quick math refresher: This never-ending digit is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.).

Pi Day parties and celebrations all over the world have become more popular in recent years; in fact, PiDay.org calls it “a number and a cultural phenomenon.” We wouldn’t go quite that far, but no matter how you slice it, here are a few fun, quirky ways to celebrate Pi, a number that’s no longer just for nerds.

Start planning your Life of Pi-inspired trip. This multiple Oscar-nominated movie, based on the novel by Yann Martel, received two National Tourism Awards from the Indian government for promoting the country as a tourism destination, especially Puducherry and Munnar in the state of Kerala. The country is now in the process of launching a Life of Pi tourism campaign.

Run a Pi Day 5K: Normally 3.2 miles, this race, which will be held Sat., March 9, in downtown Columbus, Ohio, is 3.14 miles in honor of the mathematic number. There’s also a one-mile Diameter Dash fun run.

If you happen to be in Atlanta on Pi Day, check out the Tyler Brown Pi Mile, a 3.14-mile running trail on the Georgia Tech campus named for an alumni who was killed while on active duty in Iraq.

Pi in the Sky at San Francisco’s Exploratorium: Recently relocated to a new building in the Embarcadero, this popular science museum will host several pi-centric activities on March 14, including skywriting of the first 1,000 numbers of Pi’s infinite sequence, a Pi Parade, and installing a new Pi Shrine into an appropriately circular site outside Pier 15.

Pi Day at Princeton: As if Pi Day wasn’t already intellectually charged, March 14 also marks the birthday of Albert Einstein, who spent some time at Princeton. The esteemed institution hosts an annual party honoring both his birthday at Pi Day, and this year, the celebration runs from March 8–14. There are loads of math and pi(e)-centric events, some of the quirkiest taking place at 3:14 p.m.

How are you celebrating Pi Day?

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