Rabbits Eat Cars at Denver International Airport

by  Stephanie Pitts | Oct 19, 2010
Rabbit / chengyuzheng/iStock

Yes, really. Well, maybe not the whole cars, but certain parts of vehicles in the Denver International Airport (DEN) parking lots. These ordinarily cute and cuddly creatures are finding plenty to munch on in the airport parking lots —  namely, the essential wiring of motor vehicles. Apparently the critters enjoy feasting on the soy-based wire covering used in cars built after 2002.

One passenger, Dexter Meyer, parked his car at Pikes Peak Shuttle Lot and went on vacation. When he returned and started his brand new Turbo Diesel Volkswagen Jetta, he was greeted by a panel of alarming blinking lights. A service manager at a local Volkswagen dealership stated that they had seen a number of cases where rabbits had eaten through the wiring of people’s cars while parked at DEN. Airport officials say they receive about a dozen complaints every year, but that there is no way to prove the damage came from the airport. If you’re flying from Denver, you’d be well advised to take a taxi to the airport.

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