Royal Caribbean Cruisers Can BYOB On Board

by  Maryrose Mullen | Nov 28, 2012
Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas
Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas / Photo courtesy of the cruise line

Real talk: traveling costs money. (Shock of all shocks!) No matter how many deals you wrangle together, a great trip requires dropping serious coin. Discounts and smart shopping help lower the price tag, of course, but even the thriftiest of globetrotters will cut corners to save a buck. Cruises, with many amenities included in the ticket price, are a safe bet. But travelers who wish to end their day with a chilled glass of wine will need to shell out more for the luxury, as alcohol is a separate cost on most cruises.  While some ships offer unlimited alcohol packages for cruisers looking to save, the obvious solution is to cut out alcohol entirely. A new initiative from Royal Caribbean is great news for frugal passengers who would still like to wet their whistle.

Royal Caribbean International will allow guests to bring their own libations onboard, pivoting away from their long-standing policy. Previously, passengers were not permitted to embark with their own alcoholic beverages; those who attempted to do so would have their bottles seized and not returned at the cruise’s conclusion.

The new rule has its limits, of course. Passengers may only bring two 750-milliliter bottles of wine per cabin. Wine may be enjoyed within a guest cabin or balcony for no charge, or in a public portion of the ship for a $25 corkage fee. The bottles must bear their original (unopened) seals and cannot appear tampered. Additional bottles will be secured by ship personnel and returned at the voyage’s end.

Royal Caribbean reps said the switch was made for the sake of its customers. Saving money by ruling out on-board alcoholic purchases is a boon, but the reason for the change is for sentimental reasons. Passengers can commemorate a special occasion, be it an anniversary or birthday, on board with an equally special drink, cruise officials said. For cost-conscious customers, keeping hold of that fistful of dollars may be reason enough to uncork the bubbly and propose a toast.

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