Run from Zombie Hordes at <i>Walking Dead</i> Simulation in San Diego

by  Liz Webber | May 18, 2012
Zombie / FOTOKITA/iStock

When we came up with our Top 10 Zombie Film Locations, we were only half serious about the necessary survival skills in the event of an undead apocalypse. However, we may have to actually brush up on our running and hiding abilities in preparation for the Walking Dead Escape simulation zombie takeover in San Diego this summer. Taking place at Petco Stadium July 12-14 (timed to coincide with this year’s Comic Con, of course), groups of participants will spend 35-45 minutes climbing obstacles while dodging “zombies” as they attempt to make it to the “Evac Zone.”

The course is run in waves throughout the three days. Through June 9, “survivor” tickets cost $70. You can also sign up to be a zombie or a spectator (although that sounds more Hunger Games than Walking Dead), but pricing details for those categories aren’t yet available. If you make it out alive, survivors and zombies will walk away with a special edition of the 100th issue of The Walking Dead comic while spectators will each receive a special edition poster.

If you’re not going to be in San Diego that weekend, you can still feel the thrill of a zombie chase at a Run For Your Lives 5K obstacle course. Races are scheduled across the U.S. throughout the summer and fall, starting in Minnesota on June 2. As at the Walking Dead Escape, participants can opt to be runners or zombies (although note that the zombie hordes have been chosen for all current races; sign up through the event website or social media channels for the latest announcements).

And even if you don’t plan to participate, you should at least enter to win an all-expense paid funeral – you just have to agree to put on your tombstone and you could get a check for $5,000! However, the contest rules make no mention of what happens if you turn into a zombie before the funeral takes place.

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