20 Countries Where You Don't Need to Leave a Tip

by Tommy Burson | June 12, 2014
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20 Countries Where You Don't Need to Leave a Tip

In America, the required minimum wage for a server is $2.13 per hour -- yikes! It's easy to see why they would have to rely on generous gratuities from patrons to make rent or support their family. But while tipping is an integral part of our culture, in other countries around the world, a dollar tip can be unappreciated or even downright offensive. (Don't worry, waitstaff in these countries are compensated more fully; the average wage of waiters in Australia, for example, is $15.04 per hour.)

Of course, this doesn't just extend to restaurant waiters. We're often used to tipping cab drivers, deliverymen, bartenders, and more -- but here's a handy list of countries where you're not generally expected to tip. To clarify, in some of these places it still is custom in some cases to round up the bill to the nearest dollar, leave an extra dollar or two, or be even more generous with exceptional service. But before your next trip, check against the below before automatically tacking on the standard 20% you're used to in the city.

1. Australia

2. Belgium

3. China

4. Denmark

5. Estonia

6. Finland

7. France

8. Iceland

9. Italy

10. Japan

11. Malaysia

12. New Zealand

13. Paraguay

14. Singapore

15. Slovenia

16. South Korea

17. Spain

18. Sweden

19. Switzerland

20. Vietnam

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