Singapore Airlines' New Business Class: Amazingly Beautiful (And Spendy)

by  Alex Schechter | Sep 26, 2013
Singapore Air airplane
Singapore Air airplane / cookelma/iStock

We here at ShermansTravel see lots of luxury travel trends, but we feel especially predisposed to a sort of dumbstruck jealousy towards those lucky dogs who end up aboard a Singapore Airlines 777-300ER plane. With fully-flat, 78 inch-long beds, sheets and a duvet, leather quilted back cushions, and iPad-ready USB/HDMI ports, each individual 'seat' (and we use that term loosely) likely offers more amenities than the hotel room awaiting you at your final destination.

Next month, the brand new planes – complete with re-designed business and first class cabins – will go into service along the airline's main Singapore-London route. But for $5867.38, is the seat alone worth the trip?

The business class seat imprint is 33 inches wide, which is actually  slightly smaller than the old design. What's new is how the space is used.

The "pod" encloses a leather-upholstered ergonomic seat, with two new recline positions between upright and fully-flat, and more efficient positioning of all light and entertainment control panels. Lights have a "glow" setting in case you don't like the dark. High-def touch-screen TVs are housed next to tiny backlit bookshelves. The whole experience is designed to make you forget you're in the air altogether.

Considering that a roundtrip business class fare from Singapore to London in November costs $3769 on a competing airline, that means you're paying $2100 more for state-of-the-art design, and the ability to brag you've flown on the most comfortable business class seat in the world. For most of us, that may not justify the extra cash (unless, of course, you're after that once-in-a-lifetime flying experience). However, for anyone who flies business class on a regular basis, this new evolution of in-flight comfort is going to be hard to pass up – until the next innovation comes along.


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