SkyMall Tuesday: De Odor Works Deodorant

by  Mike Barish | Jul 24, 2012
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Having covered SkyMall products for nearly four years, I've become a respected expert in the field of unnecessary miraculous gadgets. However, even I learn something new every day as I explore our favorite catalog. To truly understand these products, one must spend time researching, studying, and examining them from every angle. Before writing SkyMall Tuesday, I hunker down and learn everything that there is to know about the featured product. Sometimes, however, I need to reach out to experts in order to attain a true understanding of the item in question. This week, I sought out just such an expert. Thankfully, I am very well acquainted with someone who has all of the answers to SkyMall's riddles. Join me as I interview myself to learn about De Odor Works Deodorant.

Hi, Mike Barish. Tell me, why would someone need any deodorant at all?
Thanks for having me, Mike Barish. Well, as you can probably tell from living in New York this summer, people smell. They smell quite badly. Deodorant helps mask that smell. Or, at least makes it smell like there's some perfume in there with the pickled onions.

Fascinating. So is this just a regular stick of deodorant?
Oh, heavens no. This is a stainless steel bar that you use with water to eliminate odor. You just rub the steel on your armpits and the odor is neutralized.

What would you say to someone who thinks that a stainless steel bar is not deodorant or believes that you could just wash your armpits with the water needed to use the De Odor Works Deodorant?
Well, while you think of your next question, I'll share the product description:

De Odor Works is a medical-grade stainless steel bar that, when used under running water, neutralizes and eliminates the sulfur compounds that cause body odor.

Unlike traditional deodorants, it contains no harsh chemicals or perfumes, it's non-allergenic and won't cause any adverse reactions or stains on your clothes!

It uses plain tap water to provide natural, 24-hour odor protection and is reusable for life.

So, it's the stainless steel that kills the odor and not the running water that is probably just cleaning your skin?
Which one of us is the doctor here, Mike?

My apologies. I forgot that imaginary expert me has an imaginary degree.
Apology accepted. Sure, you could use the running water – say, in a shower, with some soap – and claim that your armpits are clean and odor free. But how will you know that you've eliminated the sulfur compounds. You need the stainless steel.

I just feel as though proper hygiene practices would be enough to keep me from smelling badly.
That's not a question.

De Odor Works deodorant / SkyMall

Touché. What about the other parts of my body that generate odor? I sweat in places other than my armpits.
What you do with this metal bar is your business.

But it requires water to work. If I'm wetting the backs of my knees, my back, my, um, private areas, then I'm basically just showering. I might as well lather up with some soap while I'm there. At that point, I won't smell because I've bathed. What's up with the steel?
Does soap eliminate sulfur compounds?

It's not polite to answer a question with a question.
You got me there.

I own a stainless steel chef's knife. Couldn't I just use that?
I worry about you sometimes.

So, is this really better than regular deodorant?
Of course. It doesn't stain your clothes.

I'm convinced.
You're an idiot.

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