SkyMall Tuesday: Napkin Clip

by  Mike Barish | Oct 16, 2012
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Eating is hard. Food is getting bigger, making it more and more challenging to get it into our mouths without incident. Who amongst us hasn't bobbled some meatballs, struggled with a sausage, or been baffled by a clam? An evening that started with such anticipation ends with embarrassment, shame, and stained clothing. At SkyMall Tuesday headquarters, we wear ponchos when we eat and cover every surface with tarps (we bought Gallagher's surplus products). Obviously, that's not practical for everyone. It's important to look professional at business lunches and dinners (breakfasts are casual, and work pajamas are always appropriate). No one wants to look silly on a date or at a formal function. Thankfully, SkyMall knows that eating is difficult and messy. That's why they're keeping us clean and sophisticated with the Napkin Clip.

Bibs are for babies and lobster eaters. Plus, who wants to pack up their dirty bib once the meal is over? Do you want to carry that in your purse, pocket, or bib cozy? That's why it makes way more sense to simply pack your Napkin Clip and turn any napkin into a bib. You'll stay clean, look sharp, and be the envy of all of your friends.

Think that good table manners dictate that you eat over your plate, which should keep you from dropping food on your clothes? Believe that you could, in a pinch, simply tuck your napkin into your shirt? Well, while you put some club soda on that stain, we'll be reading the product description:

Turn any napkin or dish towel into wearable protection. Two oversized clips connected to a metal or decorative chain make it easy to keep clothing covered during meals. Ideal for dining out.

Choosing a dish towel over a napkin is inspired. I, for one, am ashamed that I have been settling for smaller swaths of fabric all these years.

It's about time we started adopting more practices used at dentists' offices into our regular, day-to-day lives. All of our chairs should recline at the push of a button. We should constantly be spitting. And we should be clipping napkins around our necks.

So long, messy meals and expensive dry cleaners. We're looking good and eating great!

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