SkyMall Tuesday: Plush Turkey Referee Hat

by  Mike Barish | Nov 20, 2012
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Holiday travel should be about escaping your workaday routine, taking time to find the proper perspective on life, and savoring the truly important things. Of course, we all know that getting away during this time of year is never that simple. All too often, holiday travel is remembered for long lines, increased stress, and unpleasant time spent with your extended family. It's that last issue that we're addressing in this week's SkyMall Tuesday. Thanksgiving forces you to eat, drink, and force a smile with dozens of people who you would never choose to befriend in any other situation. This, of course, leads to awkwardness, hostility, and, at times, full on fighting. Usually, all it takes to defuse these situations is a simple "behave yourselves in front of grandma!" For the times when that doesn't suffice, however, SkyMall has what you need to calm everyone down and reach an amicable resolution of any conflict. This Thanksgiving, don't going into the familial battlefield without a Plush Turkey Referee Hat.

Every contest needs a referee. This time of year is about football, basketball, and fighting over the drumsticks. All of these competitions need an arbitrator to keep the peace and ensure that sportsmanship is never compromised. It's imperative, of course, that the official be easily recognizable, thus the need for a uniform.

Think that you can simply mind your own business during family squabbles? Believe that cooler heads will prevail when families get together? Well, while you get your drunk aunt to unlock the bathroom door and stop crying, we'll be reading the product description:

The Beistle Company is the oldest and largest manufacturer of decorations and party goods. With unsurpassed service and top quality products its easy to understand why The Beistle Company is world renowned in the Party Goods Industry. Our decorations and party goods are manufactured from the finest and highest quality raw materials. This combined with unsurpassed skilled craftsmanship creates the very best value in the market place. Continuous research of new product ideas keep our product lines on the cutting edge of the party goods industry. Plush Referee Turkey Hat. One size fits most.

Sure, that paragraph told you very little about the actual product, but what else do you need to know? It's a turkey dressed as a referee in the form of a hat that will fit most. And it's made by a company that crafts its products out of the finest materials. Sounds good to me.

This Thanksgiving, remember to keep calm and carry pie. Take deep breaths. Take even deeper sips. Think about how you don't have to see your family again for, uh, a month. But after Christmas, you're free! Good luck out there and remember to always obey the turkey referee's instructions.

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