SkyMall Tuesday: Travel the World with Lawn Sculptures

by  Mike Barish | Aug 7, 2012
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While we'd all love to travel more than we do, silly things like money, jobs, children, and crippling anxiety keep us trapped in one place (often our homes that are filled with old newspapers). Thankfully, modern technology allows us to experience the world more easily than ever before. We can Skype with our friends on other continents, tour museums on our phones, and experience just about anything online. But what if you want to explore other cultures and places more tangibly and can't hop around the globe like Indiana Jones? Well, if you have space in your yard (and don't mind your home resembling the SkyMall Tuesday headquarters), then SkyMall has everything you need to bring the world to you. Rather than break the bank and exhaust all of your vacation days on constant travel, why not surround create a menagerie of handsome lawn sculptures that allows you to live internationally without ever leaving your house?

Whether you love art, nature, or ancient cultures, there's a lawn sculpture for you. Let's take a look at some of the best of the bunch.

Easter Island Monolith Statues - Pictured above, this replica moai comes in two sizes: large and giant (just like Americans) and instantly transports you to mysterious Easter Island. I recommend going all in, spending the $995, and getting the giant version. It's six feet tall, 92 pounds, and will surely baffle the archeologists who will study your backyard centuries from now.

David Sculpture - If fine art is more your speed, you can skip the trip to Italy with your own replica of Michelangelo's masterpiece. It's nearly five feet tall and just as anatomically correct as the original (so you might want to turn a sheet into a toga if your neighbors are easily offended). If you live in the Midwest, you should consider opting for the Super Sized David Statue.

Lioness of Namibia Statue -

Lioness SkyMall Lion / SkyMall

Safaris can be prohibitively expensive and overwhelming for even the most experienced traveler. If heading to the African plains is simply too much for you, you can still experience the beauty, power, and majesty of the big cats with this queen of the jungle. She's smaller than a full-sized lion, but just as lethargic. That makes her way easier to catch than this cheetah.

Gorilla of the Congo Statue - Many people combine a safari with a trek into the jungle in search of the elusive gorillas. Many people, however, have way more money than you and I. Plus, those gorillas are in the mist, and that's just going to get all of your clothes wet and mildewy. It's much easier to pick up this specimen (and at 18 pounds, you can actually pick him up and move him around).

Giant Buddha Garden Sculpture - It's common for travelers to describe Asia ascrowded, chaotic, and cramped. It's easier to study Eastern religion by bringing Buddha to your home instead of visiting the giant statues of China, Thailand, and beyond. No need to worry about this Buddha taking up too much space because it represents the slimmer version of our sometimes plump, always transcendent friend.

Australian Kangaroo Sculpture - Australia is far from just about everywhere (well, except for Southeast Asia and New Zealand, but who's counting?). In order to properly experience the land down under, you need to take a lengthy holiday. It's much more relaxing to pop in some Men at Work cassettes, dust off your VHS copy of Crocodile Dundee, and enjoy a five-and-a-half feet tall faux stone marsupial that won't kick you.

Alien Flying Saucer Statue - Because I simply can't afford a trip to space anytime soon.

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