SkyMall Tuesday: Ultimate Neck Pillow & Blanket

by  Mike Barish | Oct 2, 2012
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After last week's SkyMall Tuesday featured such a practical piece of travel gear, I thought I'd keep the focus on products that help us all sleep comfortably when we're flying. Finding the perfect travel pillow is harder than finding the right person (you know what I saying, ladies?). Most support the neck while ignoring the chin. Others slide out of place. Few come in zebra print. It's a laundry list of disasters (which reminds me that many are not machine washable). It's enough to make you give up on trying to sleep on planes and just mash the buttons on your in-flight entertainment monitor (don't do that unless you want the person sitting in front of you to aggressively recline his seat into your knees). Thankfully, our friends at SkyMall know just what we need when it comes to travel pillows. The next time you want to nap at 35,000 feet, be sure to bring along your Ultimate Neck Pillow & Blanket (or, as the creators call it, the Comfy Commuter).

Neck pillows are what separate us from the rest of the animal kingdom. The moment you allow your head fall onto the shoulder of the person sitting next to you, you're just a savage. What if everyone on the plane just leaned on their neighbor? It would be anarchy. We need sleep order!

Think that travel pillows are unnecessary? Believe that having this much fleece seemingly eating your head can only cause neck sweat? Well, while you drool on your tray table, we'll be reading the product description:

Features of the travel pillow include an optional chin strap for additional support, attached storage bag sewn onto the travel pillow that cannot be misplaced, slip-resistant backing to keep the pillow in place, ultra-light, washable, moisture-absorbing fabric, attachment for luggage or purse and attractive two-tone fabric. It even has a side pocket to hold small items such as an IPOD [sic], earplugs or earphones.

There's no better place for a pocket than your pillow. That's just a fact.

OK, if we're being honest, the preceding 300 words were basically an excuse to share this video. It's the best.

Also, Lorenzo Lamas loves this pillow (and, presumably, anything else that you'll give him for free).

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