Traveler with luggage

With the excitement of a new destinations come the realities of the trip. Namely packing, unpacking, and packing again. We have stopped counting the number of socks or t-shirts gone missing, or the number of times we've had to dine in wrinkled sport coats.

But what is a busy traveler to do? You can't just not bring a suitcase, right? Right?!

Donald Trump and his new Trump Soho Hotel in New York City seem to think differently. In true Donald Trump fashion, and with the help of valet company Garde Robe's services, norms are being defied. If you find yourself becoming a frequent visitor of New York and this Soho hotel, the valet company allows you to leave clothing and/or accessories at the hotel, rather then pack them all up and lug them with you time and again. 

Ideal for business travelers, or out of towners who know they'll be back, this is just one feature of the hotel's great concierge amenities. Other offerings range from personalized business cards and stationary to a personal assistant for shopping, all to provide comprehensive personal or business services.



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