The Best Caribbean Beach Bars for Dancing

by  Rosalind Cummings-Yeates | Apr 20, 2015
Pineapple Fields Resort
Pineapple Fields Resort

Sinking your toes into pearly sands and sipping on a festive cocktail qualify as essential ingredients for enjoying a beach bar. But Caribbean joints require an extra component: music. After all, lounging beachside in the Caribbean isn't quite complete without languid reggae rhythms, upbeat dancehall, or punchy cumbia notes -- and all that music, more often than not, inspires some fun dance moves for a night. Here are the bars to hit up for the liveliest dancing.

Alfred's Ocean Palace, Jamaica
It's not hard to find beach bars and dancing in Negril -- those two things are practically synonymous with the tourist party spot. But Alfred's offers an impressive line-up of live reggae as well as occasional jazz and country music, three nights a week.. The pace is less frenetic than more famous bars, and dancing in the sand usually lasts all night long.

Reggae Beach Bar, St. Kitts
The name says it all. The sounds of reggae float throughout this unassuming beach shack, and crowds bustle in for lunch and gorgeous views of neighboring sister island Nevis. “Rush slowly” is the Reggae Beach Bar motto, and that goes for the dancing as well. Head here for laid-back, daytime dancing in late afternoon and early evening, toward closing.

Tippy's, Eluthera
The stunning panoramas of this Bahamian out island are even more enchanting at Tippy's, a bistro-slash-beach bar that serves up easygoing charm in addition to live music. Locals love to gather on Tippy's outdoor deck to socialize and dance, so it's a great destination for those who want to mingle. We especially love it here on Saturdays, when bands play the peppy folk rhythms of the “rake and scrape” genre.

Tamboo Tavern, Puerto Rico
You can catch whales and waves right in front of Tamboo, a classic Rincon surfer bar located on the serene Puerto Rican coastline. At night, the bar dials up the energy with a DJ who pumps salsa, cumbia, and reggaeton beats, transforming the venue into a veritable nightclub on the sand.

Lili's Beach Bar, Martinique
Covered with a thatched roof and oodles of sexiness, Lili's is the kind of beach bar you dream about when you're buried in rainy, unpredictable spring weather. Locals flock to this stretch of pristine sand for the international mix of zouk, reggae, samba, and house music. Just be sure to dress to impress -- Lili's is often filled with skimpily, trendily clad guests.

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