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The Best Travel Products Under $25 You Should Buy Right Now

by  Kelly Wilkinson | Sep 9, 2019
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There can never be too many travel products in a globetrotter’s arsenal. We’ve rounded up a few that are notable for their safety or utility, and some that are just plain fun. Save the extra bucks for souvenirs; these useful items cost less than $25. 

 1. A Twistable Pillow for Any Sleeping Position

Thanks to this versatile pillow, you'll never have to worry about getting a good rest on a plane or long drive. It’s functional and also provides support for your neck, back, shoulders, or any other achy spots to maximize comfort while you snooze. Buy it now

2. A Toiletry Organizer with an Adorable Design

This compact, waterproof bag is a convenient size for any suitcase or carry-on. It comes in several fetching designs, has plenty of different storage compartments, and features an ample amount of room for your belongings. Buy it now

3. A Travel Journal for Your Trip Memories

This lightweight journal has an elegant feel and is chock-full of engaging travel prompts. Fill out sections that include a world map, itineraries, highlights, mementos, and much more. Grab one in pink, navy blue, or grey. Buy it now.

4. A Weightless Camera Tripod for the Perfect Group Shots

Skip the awkward moment of asking a stranger to be your personal photographer with this camera stand. The tripod comes equipped with a remote and a universal camera or phone holder. Also, it works on almost any surface. Buy it now.

5. Trendy Yet Comfy Shoes for Walking 

These kicks were selected for their flexibility, look, and affordability. With no shortage of color options and great reviews, they're the quintessential pair for an active vacation. Buy it now.

6. A Travel Wallet That Helps Prevent Identity Theft

Travel smart with this RFID-blocking wallet that comes in multiple trendy colors. It has plenty of slots for your boarding pass, cards, passport, cash, and even your phone. Buy it now.

7. A Scratch-Off World Map to Chart Where You’ve Been

With a classic yet vibrant design and gold foil material, this scratch-off map will be appreciated by any travel lover. How many countries would you be able to scratch off? Buy it now.

8. This Weekender Bag That Slides Over Your Suitcase Handle

This travel bag is durable and lightweight, which makes it the ideal getaway tote. Either throw it on your shoulder for a quick trip, or, slide it onto the handles of your roller bag for a longer-haul carry-on. Buy it now.

9. A Universal Power Adapter for Any Country in the World

The world is at your fingertips with this easy-to-use power adapter, which is suitable for just about any country. It wields enough voltage to accommodate laptops, and hairdryers; plus, it has enough slots to charge five devices at a time and an auto-reset feature to prevent shortages, so you’ll never have to purchase another one. Buy it now.

10. A Portable Air Humidifier for Dry Hotel Rooms

Having this handy gadget with you will help to alleviate issues with dry hotel rooms, high altitudes, and allergies. Humidifiers also aid in better sleep — great for those recovering from jet lag. This mini version is quiet and easy to use, which makes it the perfect packing addition. Buy it now

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