The "Mini-Moon" Honeymoon Trend Continues

by  Donna Heiderstadt | May 23, 2011
Couple taking a selfie
Couple taking a selfie / monkeybusinessimages/iStock

If you are getting married soon and plan to take off for just a few days after your wedding on a “mini-moon,” you are not alone. An estimated 30 percent of couples getting married in the next 12 months who know their honeymoon plans say they plan to take a honeymoon lasting just a few days right after the wedding, rather than a traditional week-long or longer one, according to a recent survey by

Both budget and time constraints among just-married couples are contributing to the “mini-moon” trend. “The survey confirmed that most newlyweds will take a several day mini-moon rather than not taking a honeymoon at all,” says Martin Slagter, vice president of HomeAway, Inc., which owns, a website showcasing 11,000 B&Bs and inns worldwide.

Indeed, only 6 percent of survey respondents say they will not take a honeymoon, while 29 percent indicated they will spend a week or longer on a honeymoon right after their wedding and another 19 percent said they will take a week-or-longer honeymoon during their first year of marriage.

Where do they plan to stay? More than one third (35 percent) of couples who plan to marry in the next 12 months say they would consider staying in a B&B, which are known for being intimate and romantic (nearly 200 of’s listed properties offer some kind of “romance package”). The top-tier B&Bs, known as “Diamond Collection” properties (such as the Governor's House Inn in Charleston, SC; shown above), offer such romantic amenities as private balconies, high-thread-count linens, private pools, spas, and bar/lounges.

B&B stays came in second among couples planning a honeymoon after hotels (70 percent), but beat out vacation rentals (27 percent), cruise ships (20 percent), campgrounds (14 percent), and other types of accommodations (3 percent).

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