The Royal Baby is Here! 5 Things to Know About London

by  Amanda Black | Jul 23, 2013
Big Ben in London, England
Big Ben in London, England / sborisov/iStock

The #RoyalBaby was trending on Twitter long before the baby boy arrived. If you're looking to brush up on all things London before you head across the pond to catch a glimpse of the new prince, here's your quick and easy guide to the restaurants to hit, the gin to try, budget-friendly tips, and more.

1. Get to Know London's Hot Restaurant Scene

From Indian cuisine to Beirut street food, London has some seriously cool things happening in the culinary world.

2. Find Out Where You Can See Some Zombies

Okay, you won't find any real zombies here (did I really have to tell you that?), but you will be able to hit some cool spots that were featured in a major thriller a few years back.

3. Discover How to See London Without Breaking the Bank

From how to tip (hint: not too much) to where to stay (think outside the hotel box) and where to eat (street markets, anyone?), check out these budget-friendly tips for seeing this otherwise expensive UK city.

4. Learn Your London Gin 101

It'd be a shame if you visited this city without at least trying their famed London Gin. Better yet? Tour two famous distilleries – here's how.

5. Spend a Day in the Park

With all the royal baby chaos, we can understand that you might need to get away from it all. Our advice? Park it on a hillside in Hampstead Heath.

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