This Weekend at the Indy500: Glamping Inside the Speedway Oval

by  Christine Wei | May 21, 2014
Indianapolis, Indiana
Indianapolis, Indiana / Sean Pavone/iStock

Rejoice, race car fans! The Indy500 experience just got cooler. A few lucky members of the general public will be staying overnight inside the Speedway oval for the first time ever – a privilege reserved only for drivers and team owners in years past. The catch: visitors had to book a four-night "glamping" package.

Accommodating two to four people, the inaugural package costs $650 for a tent with two military-style cots, $900 for four cots or two twin beds, and $1,1000 for a queen bed. For a big fan, it can be worth it. The four-cot package comes out to just over $55 per night, per person, and tickets for the main race as well as two days of celebrations leading up to the race (Coors Light Card Day and Legends Day) are covered. Even the most expensive tent, while certainly pricier than the typical camping experience, isn't a terrible deal when you think of it as a once-in-a-lifetime hotel experience. The fees also get you amenities like private bathroom facilities, chairs and tables, access to device charging stations, and a shared grilling area.

While this year's tents are sold out – the events kick off tomorrow and run through Memorial Day – there's always next year. In the meantime, whether or not you'll be a part of the inner oval, you can always opt to drive on the Speedway in a real Indy or NASCAR car with the pros over at Dalara IndyCar Factory.

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