Tickets to Disney World Now $101 More Than When the Resort First Opened

by  Christine Dayao | Feb 23, 2015
Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom
Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom / Courtesy of Christine Dayao

It's getting more expensive to get into the four parks at Walt Disney World. One-day tickets for the Magic Kingdom are now going for $105 each, before taxes, for ages 10 and up -- about six percent more than the $99 entrance fee before the hikes. One-day passes for the resort’s three other parks  -- Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom -- are going for $97, plus tax (a more modest increase from $94).

To put this into perspective, the resort is no stranger to boosting the price of its tickets. In fact, it's been doing so at least once every year since it opened in 1971 -- when visitors were charged just $3.50 each for one-day admission -- with a few exceptions here and there. And as you can see from this price chart from Florida's News 13, entry fees didn't hit the $50 mark until 2002. Then in the last decade, it became common practice to raise the price between $3 and $4 every year. As recently as five years ago, tickets were still just under $80 -- and the biggest increase, up till now, was the $6 hike to $96 in 2013.

That brings us to present day, with tickets now a whopping $101.50 more than they were when the resort first opened. And if you're thinking of trying Universal Orlando Resort as an alternative, don't plan on saving big for too long; the park usually follows suit whenever Disney World implements new prices.

The good news? Most of our strategies for saving on Disney World admission are still totally valid, though the numbers look a little different now.

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