Top 8 Reasons to Never Lug Your Luggage Again

by  Jaymie DeGaetano | Aug 11, 2021
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Ship luggage, skis, duffel bags, and more with ShipGo
Ship luggage, skis, duffel bags, and more with ShipGo / Courtesy of ShipGo

Every major bucket list vacation comes with one inevitable nuisance: dealing with your luggage. Even worse, airlines misplace or lose nearly three million parcels annually. But here's the good news: You can easily take care of this problem before you leave for your vacation with ShipGo. ShipGo is an affordable, convenient way to have luggage shipped straight from your home to your vacation destination. Here are the top eight reasons why ShipGo is the best way to travel with luggage on every trip. 

1. Shipping luggage with ShipGo is smart and easy

ShipGo allows you to travel with the comfort of knowing your luggage is already at your destination for as little as $34.99 per bag. How does it work? Simply schedule a shipment online or over the phone, print your shipping labels, attach them to your packed luggage, and ShipGo’s team will pick up your items from your home, business, hotel, and more. You may also opt to drop your luggage off at a local shipping center. 

2. Save time and reduce stress by going bag-free at the airport

Imagine breezing through the airport with nothing more than a personal item to bring onboard. Bypass the baggage check lines and head straight to airport security, all without juggling an awkward heavy suitcase or duffel bag. Best of all, skip the stress of fighting for overhead bin space and avoid waiting at baggage claim for your luggage to be returned to you after landing. 

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3. Your luggage is guaranteed to arrive on time

ShipGo gives you peace of mind with its industry-leading on-time guarantee — promising your bags will arrive on time, every time. After your luggage has been picked up or dropped off, you'll have access to real-time tracking so you can follow your bags every step of the way. Should you have any questions or concerns, ShipGo offers a white-glove customer support team available seven days a week. 

4. Your luggage is always protected 

Lost and damaged checked bags are a common occurrence when flying. As part of ShipGo’s premier service, all your luggage shipments come with $500 of complimentary insurance. Need to insure your baggage for more? Choose from coverage options up to $10,000. 

5. Shipping luggage internationally is simple and reliable

ShipGo services 180 countries around the world and handles all customs paperwork on your behalf. Upon arrival at your international destination, you won't have to spend extra time in customs processing your luggage. 

6. Ideal for families, long vacations, and over-packers

Whether it’s a school break getaway with the kids, a major trip to a faraway land, or you simply have too many items you can’t bear to leave home without, ShipGo can handle it all. For those traveling with pets or little ones, ShipGo allows you to keep your hands free so you can pay attention to what really matters and avoid the stress of traveling with baggage. 

7. It’s easy to ship sports equipment and specialty items

Whether you're finally taking that golf trip, planning your winter ski vacation, or moving cross-country, ShipGo has you covered. With golf clubs, skis, snowboards, oversized luggage, boxes, and trunks all offered as shippable items, ShipGo makes it easy to travel bag-free no matter the occasion. 

8. Ship your luggage in just a few clicks

Enjoy seamless travel right at your fingertips with ShipGo's app where you can generate a free quote, schedule a shipment, or track your bags in seconds. You'll also receive push notifications when your luggage is collected, out for delivery, and delivered to your destination. 

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