Travel Channel and Sports Illustrated Couple for Swimsuit Episode

by  Amanda Black | Feb 6, 2013
Chairs by the beach
Chairs by the beach / aceshot/iStock

There's something about Sport Illustrated's swimsuit issue that makes me want to pick it up (perhaps a bit shamefully). Maybe I want to scrutinize each girl's un-airbrushed imperfections (there's gotta be something!), or go swimsuit shopping (unlikely), but it's probably just to (hopefully) give me motivation to go home and work out instead of watching TV.

Well, the Travel Channel has made that hope a thing of the past as they've announced a collaboration with SI to produce a one-hour special, "Sports Illustrated: The Making of Swimsuit 13 – 7 Continents, 17 Wonders."

Not only does the show promise beautiful bikini-clad babes strutting around, but it also has an impressive travel roster; they'll hit Antarctica, some African dunes, cliffs in Asia, and I'm sure at least one or two beaches along the way.

Will you pick up the magazine when it hits newsstands February 12? I'll probably tune in when the show airs the 17th at 8pm ET/PT.

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