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10 Products That'll Help You Travel Safer

by  Kelly Wilkinson | Sep 16, 2019
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No one should ever be too afraid to see the world -- but it never hurts to use caution while traveling. From first aid kits to anti-theft bags, keep your valuables (and yourself) safe while on vacation in any destination with these helpful products. 

 1. A Functional First Aid Kit

Be prepared for any trip injury with this handy kit. Its comes in a waterproof and lightweight hardshell case, and its compact size packs 85 pieces of first aid essentials. Buy it now

2. This RFID-Blocking Money Belt

With this discreet, RFID-blocking money belt, navigate the airport or shop without worry. It’s slim, easy-to-wear, and comes in several neutral tones to match clothing. Buy it now

3. A Pocket-Sized Door Alarm

This extremely durable door stop will not only block an unwanted intruder, but also sound off an ear-splitting alarm to wake you up. Buy it now

4. This Handy Portable Charger

Don’t risk the danger of running out of phone battery while sightseeing. This compact power bank packs in plenty of charge and features two ports for simultaneous device charging. Buy it now

5. A Diversion Brush to Stash Your Cash 

Keep your cash (and other valuables) safe in this handy hairbrush hiding spot. The brand also sells hollow deodorant bottles, lint rollers, and more for secret stashing. Buy it now.

6. A Travel Wallet That Helps Prevent Identity Theft

Travel smart with this RFID-blocking wallet that comes in multiple trendy colors. It has plenty of slots for your boarding pass, cards, passport, cash, and even your phone. Buy it now

7. A Backpack That Prevents Pickpocketing

This anti-theft backpack is a must-have on any globetrotter’s list. It’s made of material that’s very difficult to cut into, and blocks hacker scanning. It comes in gray, denim blue, classic black, and more. Buy it now

8. A TSA-Approved Sunscreen Set

Whether you’re lounging at a beach, cruise ship, or park, protection from the sun’s powerful rays is essential. This sunscreen set comes with after-sun soothing lotion as well as lip balm, and is perfectly sized for travel. Buy it now

9. A Multipurpose Scarf That Safely Stores Your Belongings

Another sneaky way to carry your phone, cash, or other valuables while exploring is in this trendy infinity scarf with two spacious zipper pockets. Comfy and packable, the scarf comes in 13 fun colors. Buy it now.

10. This Two-in-One Alarm and Flashlight

Always feel safe exploring with this useful gadget. Just pull the pin or press the button twice, and it will either activate a loud siren, or a flashlight. It’s travel-safe, perfectly portable, and comes with batteries. Buy it now

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