Travel Videos Offer a New Perspective on Trips

by  Amanda Black | Mar 29, 2013
Traveler taking a photo
Traveler taking a photo / Rawpixel/iStock
I love watching travel videos online, if only to get a glimpse of a different way of life or part of the world – like the video above showing various destinations that I hope to cross off my list sometime in the next few years. But, sometimes I'm also inspired to change the way I travel because of what I see.

For instance, the video below makes me want to record a few seconds of each day on the next few trips I take. It may be a little overkill to record every day for a year, but I do think a compilation of all my travels could be really cool – especially to look back on years later.!

So, why do you watch travel videos? And how do you document your trips?

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