Couples Who Travel Together Have Better Sex

by  Amanda Black | Feb 8, 2013
Couple on vacation
Couple on vacation / grinvalds/iStock

A recent study commissioned by the U.S. Travel Association found that couples who travel together are "significantly more satisfied with their relationships," than couples who don't or couples who instead try to spark romance with gifts. Here's what else they found:

Couples prefer taking a short trip to receiving gifts.
What this means for you: Forget that cheesy box of chocolate's this Valentine's Day and instead start researching quick romantic getaways here and here.

Traveling alone together sparks romance.
What this means for you: Because over 70 percent of couples surveyed said that traveling inspires romance, you don't have to do much to get your partner excited. Simply a change of scenery and pace will do much of the work for you (read: no dog to take care of; you're off the grid from work; etc.).

Couples who travel together have a better sex life.
What this means for you: Get away for some sexy get-down sessions. You'll reap the benefits forever: 40 percent of couples say that their sex life is permanently better after traveling.

Traveling makes time for intimacy.
What this means for you: If you're constantly busy with work and the kids and can't make time for your significant other, travel may be the solution. Nearly one in four couples (23 percent) say they "do not have enough time for intimacy and sex."

Now what are your plans for this Valentine's Day?

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