Mixing Business and Pleasure: Quick Escapes in San Antonio

by  Darren Murph | Apr 23, 2013
San Antonio River Walk
San Antonio River Walk / Photo courtesy of San Antonio River Walk

If you've been tasked with visiting San Antonio on business, don't feel disappointed – after all, you'll fly into some of the country's warmest weather, but you'll also be showing up prior to the dog days of summer. In a nutshell, it's the perfect time to visit. In an effort to get you outside the boardroom and into the River City, we’re offering up two restaurants, two attractions, and one bar that you can hit with just a few extra hours between meetings.

If you're looking for that special locale to close the deal, look no further than Fig Tree Restaurant. It's just down the street from the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, and while it's mighty expensive, the atmosphere, view, and waitstaff help to justify the lofty prices. The food here is exceptional, and the staff will go to just about any length to ensure that your party has a stellar time.

Being that you're in Texas (and relatively close to Mexico), you'd be remiss of your travel duties if you left San Antone without indulging in some of the local fare. Casa Rio is right on the riverfront, offering up a brilliant collection of Tex-Mex dishes with a view. Surprisingly, the prices are fairly reasonable considering the location. If you're worried about tossing and turning all night from ingesting too much heat for dinner, just drop by for lunch.

You've arrived in San Antonio at a perfect time for hiking and biking, and if you're looking to escape into the great outdoors for an afternoon (or a morning), Government Canyon State Natural Area is a quick 40 minute drive away. Rugged canyons, rolling grasslands, and a litany of hiking trails will help you forget that the city's just a stone's throw away.

I generally recommend that folks stray from tourist attractions (or "traps," as some would say), but the Alamo Plaza District is worth a visit for those who have never been. With just a couple of hours, you can stroll through the Alamo Mission (and pick up a history lesson while you're at it). The immediate surroundings are also quite beautiful and well-cared for, offering plenty of walking and photography opportunities.

Just a few short blocks from the convention center, Zinc Bistro & Bar is a fine way to end one's week in San Antonio. If you're coming for drinks, you'll find more wines in the cellar than you have time to ponder; if your stomach is rumbling, the food menu is excellent as well.

This is a recurring feature exploring must-visit locales in a variety of cities. If you find yourself traveling to a place for business, why not venture out and enjoy your surroundings?

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