5 Unexpected Airport Experiences

by  Amanda Black | Apr 4, 2013
Schiphol Airport Park
Schiphol Airport Park / Photo courtesy of the airport

We've all been through our fair share of airports. Generally, I'm either running through them or waiting impatiently for my zone on my next flight to be called. But, according to CheapFlight.com's recent list, we should be taking a few extra moments to step back and enjoy our airport's offerings. Read on to find out the awesome services right around the corner from your gate and read our list of top 10 airports for shopping!


Sure, I've glanced at a few sub-par photographs at various airports, but Amsterdam Schiphol and San Francisco International both house various in-terminal exhibits that are worth slowing down for. Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam partnered with the airport to feature 10 permanent pieces by Dutch artists, as well as rotating series and shows. The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco worked with the airport and now the partnership has become a fully accredited museum...at an airport! The museum has over 20 galleries in the airport with constantly changing art and exhibits.

Movie Theaters

Sometimes an iPad or Kindle Fire just won't do when it comes to watching that action-packed flick. But, if you're stuck in Hong Kong or Singapore's airports, don't worry. Both have full movie theaters available for all passengers. Hong Kong International has a free IMAX theater with 2D and 3D movies, while Singapore Changi steps it up a notch with 4D theater and a free movie theater.

Cultural Classes

Maybe you have a layover in Korea, China, or France, but don't have enough time to get out and experience the culture? Well, now you can still get a taste (sometimes quite literally) of the local flavor with cultural classes. Korea's Incheon Airport educates passengers with exhibits on local architects and food. They even put on dance performances and craft classes. In Hong Kong International, a "Tea Through the Ages" exhibit has tea-making workshops, a welcome respit for stressed travelers. Bonus: At Korea's airport, they also have multiple gardens in the passenger terminal! Talk about a breath of fresh air.


I don't know about you, but I'm always that person who stops strangers to pat their adorable dog. That's why I got especially excited about this perk at Miami International – Casey is a four-year-old golden retriever whose only job is to wander the airport with her handler to bring a smile to some jet-setter's faces. Her uniform is a blue "Pet Me" bandana and she graces the terminals twice a week!


As if it wasn't already enough of a workout to lug your duffel or oversized personal item (loaded with everything you had to take out of your suitcase to get it under 50 pounds) across the airport, some airports like Dallas-Fort Worth International have opened workout rooms in the terminal. There are even complimentary yoga studios at San Francisco International and Burlington's airport.

Valley of the Flowers, India
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