Want a Discount on Discount Travel Sites? Use These Browser Extensions

by  Darren Murph | Jan 20, 2016
Darren Murph
Darren Murph

Getting a deeper discount on already discounted travel? Nothing else makes a savvy, value-conscious traveler happier. That's exactly where a handful of internet browser extensions come in. Install them for Chrome, Safari, or whichever browser you prefer, and they'll let you know when coupons and cash back opportunities are available. The best part is that the add-ons run in the background, saving you the hassle of Googling for promo codes or logging into credit card shopping portals for extra perks.

Honey: Available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera, the Honey plug-in sniffs out where you're shopping and automatically sources available coupon codes. It remains quiet until you're checking out at one of over a thousand sites, including travel engines like Expedia and Trivago. Not only that, if a site has multiple promotions available, the extension will run a comparison and figure out which one(s) offer the best savings -- essentially turning you into an expert coupon clipper with an incredibly low amount of effort.

Ebates: One of the web's most popular cash back programs has now been made even simpler with a Chrome extension. Just tap the E icon in your toolbar to receive cash back alerts when shopping. You can even compare cash back opportunities across various sites when you're price shopping against a hotel or flight portal. Hotels.com (6 percent), Accor Hotels (4 percent), and Livingsocial (6 percent) are just three travel-related sites where you can get some money back.

FatWallet Express: Like with Ebates, FatWallet is a name familiar to savvy spenders -- and one that's synonymous with coupons and cash back opportunities at over 1,600 websites. It covers a number of travel booking sites, package providers, airlines, and hotel brands, including the likes of Orbitz, CheapCaribbean.com, Hotwire, and American Airlines. The extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Cautionary note: The above extensions are tried, trusted, and proven, so you can use them to save to your heart's content. But be wary of installing any old plug-in that you aren't familiar with. Like foreign email attachments, not every savings tracker actually does what it claims it will, and some can cause various sorts of damage -- so be sure to do your research before installing anything.

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