What Are Your Favorite Packing Tricks?

by  Mike Barish | Oct 17, 2012
Packing for a trip
Packing for a trip / seb_ra/iStock

Yesterday we shared a great tip about using a pill case as a travel jewelry box. It's a simple idea that sparked a bit of conversation both here in the office and on Twitter. It also led to two new suggestions for packing "hacks" that we think are equally brilliant. Derrick Y. packs some his pills in a contact lens case so that he can keep them handy and avoid having to carry an entire pill bottle or large box. That's pretty clever (though Derrick points out that he's always sure to label each side of the case so that he doesn't get his medications mixed up). Additionally, Christine C. blew our minds with her quirky idea. If she loses a sock in the wash, she repurposes the widowed half of the pair as a sunglasses sleeve. So long as it's clean, we're pretty sure that's an amazing idea.

This all led us to wonder what other amazingly simple yet brilliant packing ideas you might have. We'd love to hear your favorite tips, tricks, and hacks for making packing easier and more efficient. Share in the comments below.

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