What Your Choice of Airplane Food Says About You

by  Mike Barish | Apr 30, 2012
Upscale airplane food
Upscale airplane food / Aureliy/iStock

The days of complimentary meals on flights have gone the way of the dodo. While you will still get fed on international flights and offered food for purchase on domestic jaunts, it has become significantly more daunting to ensure that you don’t arrive at your destination feeling famished. Not all airplane snacks are created equal. What you eat on the plane says a lot about who you are and what you think of the people around you.

In order to help you select your travel snacks, we’ve created this handy guide. Keep it in mind the next time you’re preparing for a flight.

Sandwich From Home: Preparing your own sandwich is a great way to save money and guarantee that you’ll enjoy your meal. It’s the smart traveler’s strategy. Unless, of course, you pack a tuna sandwich, in which case you should be detain ed by an air marshal and removed from the plane.

Sandwich From the Galley: Airplane sandwiches make you popular with your fellow passengers because they have inoffensive aromas. That’s typically because they are tasteless. Clearly you’re hungry, but you’re also not very demanding.

Fast Food From the Airport: You’re a jerk. The whole plane is going to smell like French fries for the length of the flight and everyone will arrive feeling even greasier than normal. You should be forced to eat in the bathroom.

Trail Mix: It’s hearty, nearly odorless, and healthier than most airport and airplane options. Basically, it’s a winner all around. If you have the time, make your own or pick some up before you get to the airport. The shops there will always charge you an arm and a leg for just some nuts and raisins.

Leftovers From Home: You shouldn’t go out of town with a fridge full of food (mostly because you’ll come home to a fridge full of science experiments). However, choose your leftovers carefully. Keep the pungent and saucy meals off the plane to avoid upsetting – or worse, soiling – those around you.

Chips: The last bastion of substantial snacks that you can still find for free on airlines like JetBlue or easily bring with you from home. The only issue you run into with chips are the crunching noises that might disturb other passengers and the crumbs that you’re sure to get all over yourself. Chew quietly, with your mouth closed, and resist the urge to get ripped off on that half-tube of Pringles.

Candy: Far from nutritious, candy will fill you up but also has strong stomachache potential. The passengers next to you will appreciate your choice of food, but they won’t want to let you use the bathroom six times because you polished off a pound of Sour Patch Kids.

Sbarro From the Airport: You might not survive the flight and those around you will not be sad to see you go.

Soup: You make poor life choices.

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