Essential iPhone Travel Apps

by  J. Gabriel Boylan | Oct 26, 2009
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Choosing from the seemingly endless array of travel applications for iPhones and other mobile devices can be tough. Our picks pair the useful and the user-friendly.

iMedjet This virtual first-aid kit offers remedies for jet lag and nausea, and explains how to set broken bones.

Urban Spoon, Yelp, Zagat Locate eateries and read reviews and menus.

Truphone, Skype Make long-distance calls over the Web and save some serious money.

Nearest Tube, TomTom Using iPhone’s internal compass and video camera, these apps pinpoint attractions and subways.

FlightTrack Access live status updates for flights on the ground and in the air.

Jet Blue for iGoogle, iFareFinder, Airfare Scour daily flight deals

Currency Calculate exchange rates

HiConverter Convert measurements

Translate It!, Lingolook, Flashcards, QTranslator Can’t speak the language? There tools not only translate words and phrases, but offer helpful cultural tips too.

Sit or Squat Charmin hosts this user-generated database of free public toilets

GasBag Find the lowest-priced gas stations through the suggestions of scores of users.

Flashlight Light up your phone’s screen to help in the search for errant keys.

Click here to check out Four Seasons Hotels’ brand new room-booking (and more) app.

From the Fall 2009 issue of Sherman’s Travel magazine.

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