Foodie Friday: Where to Dine (and Drink) in Los Angeles

by  Anne Roderique-Jones | Mar 22, 2013
Los Angeles
Los Angeles / choness/iStock

The pretty people have to eat too, right? The beautiful city of Los Angeles is full of (surprising) foodie favorites. Turns out, it’s not all tofu and veggie burgers, my friends. On a recent trip, I found a few must-dine at spots in the city of angels. Here’s where to eat (and drink) in LA.

Meat out (sorry, we had to) with LA’s most beautiful at Animal. This pork-centric menu includes items like crispy pig ear, pig’s head, pig tails, and a bacon-chocolate bar. It’s been dubbed "dude food," but you've never seen so many pretty ladies tucking into veal sweetbreads than you will here. I can only imagine that it’s because they've managed to take meat and make magic without the heaviness or the heft. Somehow, you’re ready for dancing after your (literal) pig-out. How LA is that? You’ll want to make a reservation now – chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo’s cornucopia of meats have a carnivorous cult following.

The Bazaar by José Andrés
This place is kind of bizarre, but it’s so LA, and so is chef José Andrés. The food is just part of the "experience," like they explain on the site. Offerings like foie gras lollipops wrapped in cotton candy and their version of the Philly cheesesteak – "air bread" piped with cheese and delicately covered with thin slivers of Kobe beef – are must-haves. The décor is like a trippy grown-up birthday and there’s even a fancy-pants gift shop – perfect if you've forgotten to buy your million-dollar elephant statue.

Laurel Hardware
Interestingly enough, this West Hollywood hot spot was actually a real hardware store – and if it weren't for all the hot Californians milling about outside, you’d never know they weren't still selling hammers and nails today. Local dishes like the beets with Gorgonzola and kumquats or fried cauliflower with currants and clementine’s are fresh and flavorful. But, it’s also a really solid place to drink. On a warm day (isn't it always?), the Gangster, with Rain organic cucumber vodka, fresh watermelon juice, and lime is extra nice. Or there’s the Fear & Loathing with Del Maguey Mescal, lime, grapefruit, brown sugar, and a buzz button. Drink up on the outdoor patio with comfy sofas and shading trees.

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