Winter Travel Gear for $30 or Less

by  Elizabeth Denton | Jan 23, 2014
Woman sleeping in airport
Woman sleeping in airport / frantic00/iStock

Don't let snow, sleet, or Polar Vortex-level temperatures ruin a cold-weather vacation. With these affordable items for men, women, and kids, you'll be prepared for whatever weather-related surprises January (and February, March, and April) have in store. Best of all, you won't even have to spend a lot to keep warm. Here are ten of our favorites...

1. When it comes to warm hats, a knit beanie is as versatile as they come. Get a two-for-one with reversible styles, saving precious packing room. Under Armour's Switch It Up Reversible Beanie Hat for women ($30) adds some color, and this Levi's pick for men ($12) allows for both a striped and solid option at a super affordable price.

2. Considering this Lug Travel Blanket & Pillow Set ($28) made its way into gift baskets at the 2014 Golden Globes, it feels like it should cost at least twice the price – especially with that classic monogramming. But surprise! It's really $28 and the monogramming is free.

3. Ladies can keep their lower halves warm without any added bulk thanks to Uniqlo's Heattech leggings; at just $15, it's easy to stock up on a few pairs for traveling.

4. Stylishly protect your passport from the elements with this waterproof (and machine washable!) handmade cover ($12) from artist Lauren Kelley, who's based out of California.

5. Use Earth Therapeautics' Anti-Stress Neck Pillow ($15) to stay comfortable in flight, and then pop it in the microwave when you get to the hotel for a soothing blast of warmth.

6. Nothing dries out your skin more than an overheated room, yet irregular indoor climate control seems like an inevitable part of travel. Luckily, Unitrex's Mistique Humidifier ($30) is compact enough to carry along, and will add some much-needed moisture to your epidermis. (Bonus: It's silent!)

7. Guys can keep their feet toasty with Pact's Three-Pack Crew Sock Set ($25). With bleach-free prints in 90 percent organic cotton, you can snuggle deep into your eco-friendly purchase, and your conscience will rest easy, too.

8. Need some beauty items to winterize your skin? This moisturizing set from Desert Spirit boasts travel-sized hand cream, body lotion, and sunscreen for just $8, thus saving you money, and helping to banish dry skin with ingredients such as aloe vera, jojoba and vitamins A, D, and E.

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