Wireless Chargers Are Here!

by  Suzanne Steinert | Oct 19, 2009
iPhone / Farknot_Architect/iStock

Gadget junkies on-the-go, rejoice. The world’s first lineup of wire-free charging solutions has arrived, and it’s set to change the way your technology travels. Earlier this month, the Powermat (pictured) debuted as one of the first commercially produced wireless charging systems available on the mass market, with a simple “drop and charge” design enabling up to three different gadgets to be charged simultaneously (and cord-free) on a thin magnetic pad outfitted with a universal receiver called a Powercube.

While the Powercube can charge hundreds of devices like cell phones, iPods, and Bluetooths (via USB plugs), the system isn't entirely wireless, as the mat's own single cord should be connected to an outlet (or USB port) to complete a full charge (which for most devices takes no more than 30 minutes). Custom receivers that directly attach to, and are made specifically for, more popular handheld gizmos (ie: Blackberries, iPhones, and Nintendo DS’s) are available for an extra cost ($30-40 each) – and are necessary to go as bare as possible of wire-ware. Considering the compact travel version runs $100 (before adding adapter cases), it’s somewhat of a hefty price to pay for the convenience of cord consolidation.

An alternative available November 1st, Technocel Wireless Accessories’ PowerPak will feature a built-in battery reserve that instantaneously refuels a plethora of PDA’s, MP3 Players, cell-phones (including iPhones), etc., for up to 3 extra hours. At $50, its half the price of a Powermat, and can perform without needing to be tethered to an outlet.

Where to Buy Purchase a Powermat at your local Target or Best Buy. For a PowerPak, visit any nationwide Sprint store, or order online at www.technocel.com.

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