<em>La Cage aux Folles</em> Revival Shines on Broadway

by  Jim Sherman | May 26, 2010
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Seeing a Broadway show in New York is always an ordeal. Which show to see? (You don't want to buy expensive tickets for a mediocre show.) Are good seats available on your preferred dates at normal prices rather than "premium?" (Somehow they only are for the average quality productions.)

One of my top picks right now is La Cage aux Folles. Pay full price or premium for this show, because discounts are scarce. When I went with a friend, I have to admit that I thought the storyline from this 1980s revival was dated – a son's conservative in-laws-to-be want to meet his parents and he stages a fake heterosexual couple so as to cover up the fact he has two gay dads.

This is rather anachronistic in the 21st century. But if one accepts it, then the rest flows brilliantly. The cast, musical numbers, and dance, including some of the prettiest drag queens one might ever see, are outstanding. The dance scenes are set at the cabaret club, La Cages aux Folles in the south of France, and the six "showgirls" or Cagelles are sizzling. Who knew men could kick so high? But it's the leads, Kelsey Grammer (formerly of the TV hit Frasier) and Broadway newcomer Douglas Hodge, who steal the show. Their comic timing and kinetic energy couldn't be better.  You know it's a great show when you don't want it to end.

There are other excellent musical hits on Broadway now including FELA!, South Pacific, Billy Elliot, Memphis, and the long time playing Wicked. But La Cage is boisterous, light, warm, electric, and uproariously funny. This is one show I'd recommend paying premium for a fifth row center seat.

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