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Amanda Black
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Malaysia: The Next Great Southeast Asia Bargain Destination

By Amanda Black

July 3rd, 2013

When it comes to dream destinations, Southeast Asia is high on many American's travel wish lists. Whether it's the beautiful beaches, exclusive overwater bungalows, exotic wildlife, or just the food, Southeast Asia has a lot to offer any traveler. So why does the destination remain so out of reach for many? Well, there's the issue of getting there, paying for your stay, communicating in a foreign tongue, and ultimately, somehow managing to stay out of debt from a single trip. 

But here's the thing: After you pay for the (we'll admit) pricey plane tickets to get there, Malaysia is the best Southeast Asia bargain destination. You may not have considered this exotic country for your dream trip before (I definitely hadn't), but here's why you should reconsider this up-and-coming destination.

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