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Rome — Rome, The Eternal City – Italy’s largest, grandest, and most famous – feels less like a modern, pulsing metropolis and more like a collection of villages linked by narrow streets and bridges. The name is probably Etruscan in origin and the city’s historical record dates from 1000 BC, so there are 3,000 years of history to experience as you walk those streets and cross those bridges. You may be caught up in celebrations for a saintly pope or a devilish prime minister, but all roads – high or low – lead to Rome. 

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For the ancient ruins, the art and architecture, hot espresso, cold gelato, and the city where la dolce vita was born.

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“Pour your lotions, creams, and liquids into travel-sized bottles to avoid having to purchase toiletries on the road or losing your large bottles to the TSA.”

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