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Panama — Unblemished Caribbean islands, coffee plantations, coral reefs, and sun-drenched tropical forests teaming with wildlife make Panama an eco-lovers dream. Oh, and then there's that Canal.

Why Go

For the Canal (of course), the beaches, the cities, and the rainforests.

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What's New in Panama


3 Ways to Experience Panama City, Panama

February 03, 2016 by Anne Roderique-Jones

Just mention the great metropolis that makes up Panama City, Panama and you'll hear many of the locals compare their home to Miami. And they're not far off-- ... Read More »


Why You Should Fly Copa Airlines

February 01, 2016 by Anne Roderique-Jones

Have you heard about Copa Airlines? It's Panama's fast-growing airline that's greatly expanding its American footprint. From the top on-time departures to free ... Read More »


Checking In: A Panama City Boutique That Mixes Urban Glitz & Warm Service

January 29, 2016 by Anne Roderique-Jones

Panama City is often referred to as the Miami of Central America. Here, high-rise buildings dot the skyline, and there's certainly no shortage of fancy hotels. ... Read More »


Panama Canal Crossings Get More Epic With a Cruise Deck Festival

December 15, 2015 by Fran Golden

Here’s a quick look at what’s new this week in cruising, and how it could impact your next trip… Always wanted to do a a Panama Canal crossing? Here's a secret: ... Read More »


5 Underrated Latin American Cities That Deserve a Visit

July 21, 2015 by Megan Eileen McDonough

Latin America is home to some pretty amazing cities -- Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and Cusco to name a few -- so we can understand if you're having trouble ... Read More »

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