Hotel Monteleone
Hotel Monteleone
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Top 10 Haunted Hotels

Sleep like the dead at one of these spectacularly spooky haunted hotels

By ShermansTravel Editorial Staff

Updated on April 18th, 2013

Mystical orbs, ethereal apparitions, things that go bump in the night. A load of hooey you say? Then check in to one of these 10 haunted hotels and test your tolerance for the paranormal. As far as we can tell, ghosts like their hotels. These territorial phantoms stick to their turf and never, ever leave. (They have good taste at least – many of their stomping grounds come with five-star service and an atmosphere to match.) The unbelievable and inexplicable seem almost mundane at these eternally haunted haunts, but we’ve narrowed down the creepy contenders to those that have the ghost tales and the “evidence” (i.e. paranormal expert backing, documented deaths on the premises) to go with it. Devilish reputations aside, many of these storied American mainstays – Hotel Monteleone and Queen Mary, for instance – embrace their spooks, and even offer ghost tours and ghost-themed events, while others only whisper about their suspected presence. One thing is certain: The legends surrounding these beings and the mysterious circumstances that led to their demise never die.

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