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Share travel photos and stories with the Gowalla travel app
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Top 10 Travel Apps

These handy smartphone travel apps make globetrotting easier

By Brooke Schoenman

April 19th, 2011

Smartphone apps make the world go ‘round, and some just help us get around the world. Just think of all the everyday travel mishaps – language barriers, bad meals, flight delays – you can avoid (or stealthily handle) if only your phone is armed with these handy little apps. Perhaps Apple’s trademark line sums it up best. If you want to simplify travel while on the road (translate menus into English, find Wi-Fi hotspots or toilets, navigate subway systems or national parks, scout out the best pizza in a 5-mile radius), well, “there’s an app for that.” We’ve downloaded and tested these wave-of-the-future travel apps to bring you a condensed list of the 10 we think are the most genius thus far.

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