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Turks and Caicos — Turks and Caicos may have been named after the native Turk’s head cactus, but you’ll swear it was named after its turquoise water. You might also swear it’s the most beautiful water in the world. Two hundred and thirty miles of beaches line the 40-island archipelago, only eight of which are inhabited, which means you really can find beaches of your own. With only about 100 miles separating the easternmost and westernmost shores of the chain, nearly all of the islands’ powdery coastlines are accessible. Most visitors spend their time on Providenciales (better known as “Provo”) in western Caicos, which is the most popular and populated of the islands. But the remaining islands offer equally exclusive and rugged retreats. Our Turks and Caicos Travel Guide covers the best of the island chain.

Why Go

For Provo’s Grace Bay Beach, thought to be one of the Caribbean’s best beaches, plus dozens of no-less-beautiful shores.

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