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Maryland — This pint-sized state is much more than a sprawling collection of D.C. suburbs. The Chesapeake Bay, which roughly divides the state in two (east and west), provides ample sailing and water sport opportunities, not to mention the state’s ubiquitous - and delicious – blue crabs. Its banks host the region’s two largest cities, Baltimore and Annapolis, and dozens of quaint towns brimming with crab shacks and B&Bs. In the east, moving away from the shores, are beaches and marshlands, and in the far northwestern reaches of the state, mountains. Combine this compelling geography with the region’s nautical history and a friendly vibe that seems equal parts Southern charm and Yankee attitude, and you can see why Maryland is appealing to history buffs, outdoor enthusiasts, and grid-skippers alike.

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For the bushels of blue crabs, sailing on the Chesapeake Bay, and the secluded beaches and wild ponies in Assateague.

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