Five Emergency Travel Tips

by  Amanda Black | Feb 26, 2013
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Traveling isn't always stress-free. Worst-case-scenarios can arrise and you've got to be prepared to handle anything in an unknown locale. Read on to learn what you should do when your vacation is no longer smooth sailing.

An Arrest Abroad
If you're arrested abroad, contact the local U.S. consulate immediately. Consuls can assist by providing a list of attorneys and ensuring your jail conditions and health are in acceptable condition.

Bed Bugs
Take a good look around for bed bugs when you arrive, and not just in the bed linens. Peek under the mattress for signs of bugs, like a cluster of dark spots. Pay careful attention to dark crevices.

Medical Emergencies
Be sure to purchase travel insurance that includes coverage for medical expenses and medical evacuation – which can easily cost $10,000-plus without insurance.

Passport is Lost/Stolen/Expired
Report a lost or stolen passport immediately by contacting the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate. If you have a copy of your passport, it will expedite the process of getting a new one.

Use common sense when in crowded spots and subway cars. Hold your purse tight to your side; keep your hand on your wallet in your pocket; and store any essentials on your person, not in a backpack. Don't travel around with your passport; instead leave it in the safe in your hotel room.

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